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Why you would want to get your jewely appraised:


Having your jewelry appraised is protecting your investment.

Detailed reports are created from your jewelry, like a fingerprint, detailing all of the information.

Accurate reports can be the best form of protection to give to insurance companies in the event of lose or damage.


A certified jewelry appraiser is trained to identify everything about the jewelry.

Grading the gemstones, finding the age, knowing what the markings are and who created.

Every detail is researched and well documented in the appraisal report.


Everything about your jewelry is inspected under meticulous guidelines.

Gemstones are inspected under a microscope and other tools are used.

Metals are tested for purity and ever mark is identifed and graded.

All of the details about the design and craftsmanship made by the jewelers are recorded for accuracy.


A completed jewelry appraisal comes with a list of credentials and certifications.

These authenticate the jewelry’s actual value and can be used for insurance purposes.

Having your jewelry appraised enhances the worth and investment.


$90.00 / per item
*Additional charges may apply.

All Appraisals Include:

  • Certifcate of Authentisity.
  • Listing All Materials.
  • Details of Stone.
  • Any Makers Marks.
  • Any History of the Piece.
  • Full Documentation.

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